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The Chronicles of Wangtardia
'Cause the Fruit Train Said So
Well I haven't updated in forever so I decided I would. So what have… 
22nd-Jul-2006 10:45 pm
new lester
Well I haven't updated in forever so I decided I would. So what have I been up to. Well all I have been doing has been working. Swimming lessons started three weeks ago, and since them work has been hell because we have been so far behind. So this is going to be the week from hell because we all have to stay until well past 10 o'clock to get everything done in time. I almost quit today in an angry rage too. It was super exciting, I love it when the retard at work fucks things up then I have to go fix it. I guess they think I enjoy moving 60 gallons of paint around by myself. God damn Bill.

Anyways Swimming Lessons has been so awesome this year. Definately worth coming back. And hopefully I'll be back next year. This year I decided not to have a cry count. But anyways there is this wild kid who is 5 and continuously slaps my ass and says things to Jordan like "I'm going to bite your winky off". I love my job. It's entertaining though. But at least we can do things like throw mud at the kid and when he cries make fun of him. It's great.

There's only a week left of swimming lessons, so summer will be hell after that. There's so much stuff that has to be done at the store, and I have to go to two weddings, and go to St. Catharines too. I can just see me going to St. Kitts getting taken out of the months plan. I also have to go raid Trevor's house of furniture.

So so far this summer has been way better than last summer. I've been way to busy so I've been distracted from all the things I should be mad about.

Right now I feel like I'm 14 again with my stupid little crushes. It's great. Well this was a pointless entry but I've lost interest in writing this now, so that is all.
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